Composite Stone

As one of the hardest mineral stones in the nature, quartz provides peerless strength and resistance for composite stones. Showing high levels of wear, scratch and impact resistance, not being affected by almost any acid or base, not being stained, having various colour and texture alternatives, and providing a hygienic surface coating, composite stone surfaces owe their strength to quartz raw materials. Composite stone sector use unsaturated polyester resin as a binder in combination with the main raw material of quartz to manufacture their products.

Quartz powders with various particle sizes are combined with colouring pigments and other materials providing various effects, then unsaturated polyester resin is added to this mixture, the mixture is loaded into moulds and subjected to pressing process to create the end product. Thus, quartz provides peerless strength and resistance to composite stone products. Quartz composite stones are the best alternative for granite and marble. Quartz based composite stones emerging as a design product providing an alternative for natural stones like granite and marble has a growing demand in both domestic and international markets.

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